Finding Out My Property Lines

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“How do I go about finding out my property lines?” This is an important question! Bob Aaron of the Toronto Star advocates that every property transaction should include a copy of an official property survey, in order to avoid future problems and to discover any easements or encroachments that may prevent you from using your lot in the way you plan to.

If you haven’t yet obtained a copy of the survey of your Toronto property, you can often get one online from a resource such as Protect Your Boundaries. If you need a more current survey, PYB can match you with a licensed surveyor.

There are a lot of reasons why you should keep a copy of your property survey handy. If you intend to sell your house, prospective buyers may ask to examine it. The bank or tax authorities may require a copy for refinancing or assessment purposes. If you plan to build, you’ll need to ensure that you’re within the property lines. A survey can often help to settle boundary disputes between neighbours.
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Finding Out My Property Lines

When buying a property, it’s important to find out where it begins and ends. That’s why due diligence when buying a home requires you to obtain a copy of the official survey. Not only does a survey inform you of the property lines, but it can reveal other information such as where gas, power and water lines, sewers or drains are situated under the property, whether or not there are any easements or rights of way aboveground, and whether any neighbours have structures that encroach on the property.
However, many property transactions go through without the use of a survey. You or your neighbour may only need to refer to it later when building or renovating. This requires knowledge of exactly where the property lines are.

Find Your Survey Online

Online resources can help you to obtain a copy of your survey. A site like makes hundreds of thousands of Ontario surveys available at an affordable price. If the survey online isn’t suitable for your purposes, or if it’s outdated, PYB can also help you to find and commission a licensed surveyor who will create a current survey. Most homeowners opt for a Surveyor’s Real Property Report or SRPR.

Knowing Your Rights

Knowledge of your property lines can help you to ascertain where to build or to resolve disputes about a neighbour’s encroachment. However, you may also need to obtain advice from a surveyor or a property lawyer to help clarify any issues at hand. 

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